Monday, February 14, 2011


Song: "Food Combination Chart"
Artist: AGF
Search Term: "Chart"

At first, this percussion-based electronic track sounds like AGF (German artist Antye Greie) is making a halfhearted foray into Einsturzende Neubauten-style aural battery, with a beat comprised of what sounds like a kitchen range hood being whipped with a chain and dozens of cymbals rolling end over end toward the listener. Greie doesn't really throw much conviction behind the idea of creating music so relentlessly punishing that it achieves something beyond making a racket, though, and makes the smart decision to let friendlier, glitchier burbles and clicks take over the track before it becomes a pointless migraine. From that point, it's a very pleasant, deceptively complex bit of ... ambient dub, I guess you'd call it. Whatever it is, it does make a neat counterpoint to the crude clanging of the opening. I actually like "Food Combination Chart" on balance, but my suspicion is that it works better in the context of the album Words Are Missing than it does as a standalone piece, and it's a theory I will happily investigate.

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