Thursday, February 17, 2011


Song: "Twitch"
Artist: Idiot Flesh
Search Term: "Twitch"

If a sullen teenager got caught vandalizing his school and was sentenced to record a funk song as some sort of odd Montessori community service, it would sound like "Twitch": It's an angry funk burlesque that finds this crew of anti-rockers joylessly jocking Prince's style and then just bellowing things while an ugly bass thwomps away on top of a rhythm that is both reasonably danceable and dripping with audible resentment. This sort of aggressively snide hard rock always makes me think of Mike Patton, one of the most restless smartasses of all and someone whose work I respect without ever getting the urge to sit through, but I think the stuff Patton did with Faith No More and Mr. Bungle tended to be more tuneful than this, didn't it? (For all I know, of course, Idiot Flesh themselves tended to be more tuneful than this.) I get the sense that Idiot Flesh is trying to be somehow subversive, but "Twitch" is all attitude and no smarts. Who needs it?

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