Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Song: "Swiffer"
Artist: Hardfloor
Search Term: "Swiffer"

I am quickly coming to realize that one of the obstacles I will encounter by adhering to this blog's mandate (read: gimmick) is the superabundance of unremarkable techno lying in wait around every corner for he who attempts to explore the music available on Soulseek with no map or compass. Hardfloor's microhouse thumpery is certainly less silly--to 2011 ears, anyway--than the shrill trance of Convert's "Workstation," which I posted a week or two ago, but it's no less generic and forgettable. If you like microhouse's inoffensive beats and synth parts so much that you're perfectly happy to consume an utterly nondescript track that could have been assembled on anyone's laptop in any coffeehouse in the land (and there's no shame if you do, of course; we all have our own tastes), well, here is that track. I really don't know what else to tell you about this.

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