Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Song: "Drowning"
Artist: Meerkat
Search Term: "Meerkat"

Ooh, this is a good one! I know just yesterday I was throwing a fit about how nothing happened in that Thought Criminal song and yet here I am, getting set to gush about a deliberate ambient track that unfolds in such slow motion that it may as well be a slideshow. I guess I should mention that I reserve the right to judge these songs based on any number of whimsically inconsistent criteria.

More importantly, though, Meerkat (a guy named Joshua Trout) actually sounds like he put a modicum of thought into selecting the four synth chords that softly breathe for three minutes, not to mention the gorgeous, understated keyboard bells and trills that hover above it all. Despite the title "Drowning," the effect reminds me more of watching a sleeping bird slowly bobbing as it rests in a calm lake. It's very pretty. It reminds me why there was a time when we all cared about Moby's music.

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