Monday, March 14, 2011


Song: "The Kumquat Kids"
Artist: Eddie Henderson
Search Term: "Sunburst" [This song hails from the album Sunburst]

Jazz can be a lot of things: expressively sad, infuriatingly shapeless, cathartically noisy, comfortably nonchalant. But rarely have I heard a jazz instrumental that made me think, "Adorable!" Horn player Eddie Henderson has hit upon that recipe, though, with endearingly funky help from members of Herbie Hancock's band. It's accessibly upbeat and effervescent in a way that completely sidesteps any hint of a dark side. In fact, the silly envelope filter on Alphonso Johnson's bass makes me feel like this track should have accompanied a warm-color-drenched animation during Sesame Street's '70s peak. It's a joy to hear "The Kumquat Kids" bop along, and everyone slinks and shines under the tootelage of Henderson's trumpet. (Get it? Hysterical.)

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