Thursday, March 31, 2011


Song: "Pyxicephalus Tutelage Behavior"
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Ha! What?

It's about 30 seconds of a drum machine that's been overclocked to splatter rhythms twice as fast as anyone could have any real use for, overlayed with ribbits and croaks at odd intervals. And that's the whole of it, apart from the warbly snippet of a biology class film that kicks things off. Bon appetit!

Phyllomedusa's blog suggests that this fellow has spent an awful lot of time making intentionally unlistenable music, purportedly to "decimate human ears" in order to lay the groundwork for an amphibian takeover of the planet. It's to his credit that I'm not sure whether it's some sort of unwinking character work or a genuine otherkin obsession, but either way, he clearly knows a lot about frogs! Which is kinda cool. I too like frogs. I'm less fond of Phyllomedusa's aggressive aural misanthropy, which frankly doesn't push through the realm of pointless silliness to reach the extremes of upsetting sound and subject matter that he's aiming for (cf. Venetian Snares), but I at least have more respect for an animal lover who's following his own musical muse than I do for, say, Katy Perry. Croak on, Phyllomedusa! May your career be free from annoying "Bud! Weis! Er!" jokes from the peanut gallery!

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