Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Cocktail Time"

Song Title: "Liquid Time, Space"
Artist: Karaun
Search Term: "Cocktail Time" [I have no idea where or why the word "cocktail" appeared in this song's file information--it's from a compilation called Private Lounge 3--but here it is nevertheless.]

Karwan Marouf has a voice and sense of harmony that suggest he's spent quite a bit of time studying how to best approximate the reflective sexiness of Seal. It's a shame that he didn't put anywhere near that amount of effort into constructing this intimate but inchoate downtempo number that sounds like an unfinished Zero 7 demo. The composition is beyond rudimentary--listen to the first 15 seconds and you've heard the entire thing--and even though I understand that Marouf isn't necessarily trying to wow the listener with the complexity of his songwriting, it seems like he could have at least written a second part without sacrificing any of the track's lusty focus.

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