Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Song Title: "King Friday"
Artist: Songs of Green Pheasant
Search Term: "Friday"

When I told my brother about this blog last month, he immediately asked whether he could submit a search term. I had barely gotten the word "sure" out of my mouth when he exclaimed, "'Friday'!" Like many people, my brother has enjoyed a certain fascination with Rebecca Black in recent months. So here we are.

As a nation.

British songwriter Dylan Sumpner, displaying a great fondness for Brian Wilson's hazier melodies and Coldplay's layers of reverbed guitar, has crafted a pleasurably disorienting and remarkably pretty track that delivers what I choose to believe is the tormented inner monologue of a Mr. Rogers puppet. Rather than hewing to traditional pop structure with static verses and choruses, it counterintuitively starts to dissipate once the rhythm picks up, gradually losing its shape and vanishing like a cloud. But in an intentional way--it's not some half-written pop song whose author has irresponsibly allowed it to wander off in an unsupervised daze. Thoughtfully placed signposts pop up no matter how far away you get from the base camp established in "King Friday"'s first minute: A solid bassline here, an acoustic hook there. It's a very clever track, and I think people who enjoy the Beach Boys more than I do (i.e., people) will especially enjoy this.


  1. Hey! There is an extra T in the "http" part of your link to the song. You may want to fix that STAT, since people who are not as smart as me might have trouble figuring out how to work around it.

    Anyhow. Pretty song, and you are totally right about the Beach Boys comparison. I bet Sean and Ben will love it.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the quality control check.

    Sean and Ben were actually the two people I was thinking of when I wrote that last sentence. Though I thought you might enjoy it as well. Glad you did!