Friday, June 3, 2011


Song Title: "Obstreperous"
Artist: Cybermouse
Search Term: "Obstreperous"

You know how sometimes you'll be sitting at a stoplight and you'll notice that the turn signals on the line of cars in front of you are all blinking in a pleasing pattern for a few seconds, but then they'll fall out of time with each other and you'll cease to find it worth paying attention to? That's pretty much the experience of listening to "Obstreperous." Laser sound effects, cheap drum machines, and amelodic industrial buzzes are all let loose to run around at a variety of not-strictly-complementary tempos. Sometimes they mesh into a reasonably novel electronic gallop for a moment, but more often than not, the unstructured clash and clatter of mismatched rhythms make for a fruitlessly dull scribble.

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