Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Song Title: "Dream On Daisy"
Artist: Parallelograms
Search Term: "Daisy"

Sugary without being cloying and upbeat without being Pollyannaish, "Dream On Daisy" is a fine example of a twee-pop song that remembers catchiness still outranks cutesiness, likably chipper though the handclaps and glockenspiel may be. Singer Meriel's upbeat voice has so much in common with the tender earnestness of Lush's Emma Anderson that I was initially convinced Anderson herself must be the Parallelograms' frontwoman. This light touch enables Meriel to come across not as cruel or dismissive when she intones, "Dream on," to a friend who is crushing on a guy who's already in a happy relationship, but rather compassionately realistic. And speaking of which, I especially like the subtly counterintuitive way the guitar and bass double (and triple, I suppose) Meriel's sing-songy vocal line when the title phrase appears in the chorus. In all, it's an uncomplicated, breezy, and hummable little snack.

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