Friday, May 27, 2011


Song Title: "Porcine Financial Issues"
Artist: MC Lars
Search Term: "Porcine"

It seems MC Lars recorded this microhouse track while still in high school, so if the reader is feeling nitpicky about production refinement or innovation, she may wish to move along: There's a beat whose only notable attribute is that it is indeed a beat, a run-of-the-mill acid bassline, and a Basement Jaxx-style acoustic guitar that sounds like it's being strummed with a pair of salad tongs. The spoken vocals are pitch-altered, electronically harmonized, and run backwards half the time, so it's tough to pick out the lyrics, but they do include the phrase, "The three little pigs could not get house insurance," which I think is mildly funny. For all the teenage fumbling on display, though, "Porcine Financial Issues" is an undeniably catchy song that doesn't aspire to anything greater. If you can somehow imagine a non-wretched fraternal twin of the Detroit Grand Pubahs' sophomorically lazy laptop throwaway "Sandwiches," you may be conjuring something close to this track's endearingly nonchalant wiggliness.

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