Monday, May 30, 2011


Song Title: "Ten Little Bluebirds in My Lapel"
Artist: Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys
Search Term: "Lapel"

Yesterday afternoon, my car was halted in the middle of a busy road by a mother duck and a dozen ducklings who were thwapping their way to a drainage ditch. Once I got over my brief, intense panic that the cabbie coming the other way would not stop for them (obviously he did, because most people are not caricatures of pure sociopathic evil, but this is what my brain does to me), I smiled goofily for the rest of my commute. So I'm perfectly willing to believe that there is a one-to-one correlation between clusters of little birds and happiness. I have branded this new scientific law the Little Caesars Equivalence, following careful consideration that I assure you was not biased in any way by my receipt of a hefty "research grant" from Mike Ilitch.

Anyway, cowboy swing artist Johnnie Lee Wills provides further evidence to support the Little Caesars Delicious Crazy Bread Equivalence with this convivial ode to the feeling of falling in love, which radiates so invitingly from his being that it has attracted a passel of avian buddies to his shoulders. The high-spirited piano and fiddle make for a peppy accompaniment, but it's the tight western harmonies that provide the song's biggest pleasure. It would be thoroughly irresistible even without the imagery, but Wills' suggestion that we picture him strutting around in a state of giddy infatuation, his neck ringed with contented, puffy bluebirds, lands this song among the most unfailingly grin-inducing I've ever heard.

Pizza! Pizza!


  1. I LOVE IT. This is the kind of song my grandpa would have sung to my grandma. It made me grin too.

  2. I had a hunch you might like this one, after you told me your grandpa used to sing "I've Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" to your grandma. :)

  3. Some of my favorite memories are of my grandpa singing. This was his favorite (and mine too):

  4. Aww! I like that. Jim Reeves has long been on my list of artists I need to investigate further. Must remember to do so.