Thursday, July 7, 2011


Song Title: "Leave This Town (on Bicycle)"
Artist: Teamforest
Search Term: "Bicycle"

German songwriter Philipp Buckle mutters a few verses behind an acoustic guitar on which he's idly plucking out four notes over and over for four minutes. It's as thrilling as you'd think. There is a smattering of production to it: A distant keyboard, backwards guitar, and some tinny, garbled percussion that initially made me think one of my open browser windows had suddenly started to play an audio advertisement. The sound is unobjectionable enough--were this song more fully developed, it might have been something genuinely pretty in the weightless, muted Sondre Lerche/Turin Brakes/Kings of Convenience vein--but the guitar that's steering things is such a monotonous wad of blah that the song soon becomes as trying as a kindergarten chorus singing all the words to "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

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