Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Song Title: "Postage"
Artist: Bakterielle Infektion
Search Term: "Postage"

The artist name may suggest this is another black metal song that I have no business blundering my way through a post about, but it's actually an outstanding, understated bit of Nintendo-inspired 8-bit electronica. It's not as hummable as something like the "Flash Man" theme from Mega Man 2--its sound is tense and subterranean, and to me it sounds like it would have been grafted onto a puzzle game like Marble Madness to make the low-stakes gameplay seem more exciting. At any rate, "Postage"'s moody urgency, blippy percussion, and simple, droning keyboard bassline could convincingly have been the memorable soundtrack to a sedentary suburban preteen's afternoon, had it been released in 1990 instead of 2005.

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