Friday, July 29, 2011


Song Title: "Snort of Green"
Artist: Willie Bobo
Search Term: "Snort"

At least 90% as catchy as Herb Alpert at his best and with about 99% of the breezy charm of War's "Low Rider," "Snort of Green" is a Latin funk instrumental showcasing a horn section that is both inescapably a product of the '70s and so catchy that it would sound great in any decade. Percussionist Willie Bobo may not have strictly helmed this song, but I'm guessing he's responsible for the wood blocks, flexatones, and timbales which enliven the rhythm part. (The title presumably refers to trombone player Thurman Green, who composed the song and spends much of it soloing in about as blazing a fashion as can be accomplished with a trombone. Any time any of my friends has solicited a title for an original recording, I have suggested "Chris Willie Williams Named This Song," so I can certainly understand Mr. Green's narcissism.) The ensemble is tight and energetic, and every part matters: It's a small touch, for instance, but the tense chords struck by the keyboardist throughout the song rub smartly against the smooth affability of the rest of the arrangement. There's nothing mind-expanding about this song, but my goodness is it enjoyable party music.

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