Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Song Title: "Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite Dust II"
Artist: Sir Millard Mulch
Search Term: "Graphite"

A brief yet triumphant MIDI instrumental, "Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite Dust II" sounds like particularly pathetic entrance music for a hard-luck boxer. I suppose it might make more sense if I'd heard "Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite I," but taken on its own, it's a fairly funny mismatch of grand musical themes and spindly keyboard tones. This song can apparently be found on the album To Hell with All of You, I Just Wanna Grow My Vegetables! Regardless of the fact that this little nugget gives every indication of being a mere interlude on an album full of proper songs, I like it and I think I'd like to know more about Sir Millard.

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