Friday, April 15, 2011


Song: "Phooey Phooey on You"
Artist: Socialites
Search Term: "Phooey"

Not all '60s pop singles that get rediscovered decades later are forgotten classics. This klutzy number, for one, highlights uninspiring girl-group vocals, sub-Phil Spector production and ? and the Mysterians-style keyboards, while the barely-present guitarist seems to have been invited to the recording session only because his mom was friends with his bandmates' moms. The song's only memorable feature is a confounding organ break that sounds as though the keyboard player is trying to work out an idea for a different song in the middle of this one. "Phooey" is kind of funny to listen to once or twice, but it approaches neither a bare minimum of competence nor an enduring, Shaggs-esque level of cluelessness; may as well once again consign it to the limbo of lousy also-rans.

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