Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Scratch Paper"

Song Title: "Scrilla, Scratch, Paper"
Artist: JT the Bigga Figga (feat. Cougnut and 11/5)
Search Term: "Scratch Paper"

West Coast gangsta-rap figure JT the Bigga... oh. Well, it appears JT puts a high personal value on the acquisition of money and is unconcerned about the harm he might cause others as a result of the methods he employs to accrue wealth. [Willie: Remember to write hilarious, trenchant, and unexpected joke about the Koch brothers. --You] It's a serviceable if unremarkable hip-hop track: The obligatory introductions and concluding acknowledgments are as perfunctory as ever, and the past 16 years have rendered some of the slang regrettably square ("Goin' out to my Frisco homies! Yeah!"), but time can't diminish the practiced flow of the featured vocalists. The unoriginal, post-The Chronic production smells a little like hackwork to my untrained ears, but it does offer a great, slinky bassline and a catchy enough chorus. I will give this track my qualified approval, which I'm sure will be a salve to the psyche of Mr. the Bigga Figga.

NB: According to the Rap Dictionary, the first of the synonyms for cash that graces this song's title is properly spelled "Skrilla": "[S]ome stupid ass white boiz spell it 'scrilla' but they wrong."

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