Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Song: "Fuck It, I Quit"
Artist: Scholastic Deth
Search Term: "Scholastic"

There are different sorts of yelling that hardcore vocalists employ, and while I've never been much impressed by those who try to sound sincerely intimidating or shriekingly apoplectic, I can get a certain amount of enjoyment out of those who don't sound like anything other than snot-nosed teens too defiantly apathetic to try to sing (or who find keeping up with the band such a challenge in its own right that adding a melody on top of it ain't gonna happen) and don't expect you to take them any more seriously than they take themselves. So I at least give Scholastic Deth's singer credit for his unpretentious energy.

Furthermore, although I tend to think that starting a punk band in this day and age is about the most irrelevant path one could take outside of starting a phrenology practice, these guys at least seem to have the right mindset to make diverting--if thoroughly inessential--hardcore. They squeeze four or five different ideas for songs into precisely one minute, with no attempt made to segue from one part to the next, while the singer hollers unintelligibly and everyone sounds like they're having a high old time bashing it out. There's nothing in the vocal or guitar parts that distinguishes "Fuck It, I Quit" from probably literally a million other hardcore songs, but the structure is at least somewhat novel. I imagine fans of early DRI or the Circle Jerks will be pleased.

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