Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Song: "Lectern Made of Seashells"
Artist: Bonaduces
Search Term: "Lectern"

Winnipeg's politely loud Bonaduces sound exactly how you'd expect a rock band from Winnipeg to sound, judging by "Lectern Made of Seashells." Its rapid, bouncy mirthfulness and twee vocalizing suggest that it's part of a cheeky experiment to see just how far punk rock can be diluted before critics will stop referring to this sort of arrangement as "pop-punk" and acknowledge that it's just pop. (The song is one distortion pedal away from sounding like an outtake from the Lemonheads' wuss-rock classic It's a Shame About Ray.) I'm not crazy about it myself, but the only specifically aggravating element of the song I can point to is the yucky refrain "I can't add days to your life, but I can add life to your days," so maybe you'll like this song if you're less cranky than I am.

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