Monday, April 25, 2011


Song Title: "Hoosegow"
Artist: 45 Spiders
Search Term: "Hoosegow"

Just a nugatory little indie-rock song. It's got the standard post-Pixies quiet-verse/loud-chorus guitar dynamics and a sluggish tempo and laggardly singing style that remind me of Low. (Well, at 50 BPM or thereabouts, this song would actually be kind of zippy by Low's dilly-dallying standards.) What it doesn't have is a single interesting element. It sounds like it's literally the first song its author ever wrote; a product of that stage where the focus is more on feeling out which chords can sit comfortably next to each other than it is on expressing any sort of creative idea. I'm still posting the song because that's the mandate I've given myself, but I assure you you needn't bother.

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