Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Song: "A Rat's Brain Controls a Robot Arm"
Artist: Stochastic
Search Term: "Stochastic"

Here's your weekly electronic track, so you can heave a sigh of relief and retreat from the edge of your chair. Yes, the drum machine scampers around like a millipede trying to evade the entomologist's pin and there's a sci-fi dialogue sample that I'm guessing is there as a Strong Bad allusion, but it's not some generically unfulfilling electronica nothing this time, so Kristopher Bernard (the chap who is Stochastic) has my gratitude. Thanks in particular to some agreeably swift keyboards, "A Rat's Brain Controls a Robot Arm" recalls the friendly, tuneful laptop glitch of I Am Robot and Proud as much as the antsy drum-and-bass of μ-Ziq. I personally find this type of high-velocity pinging and skittering very enjoyable, and I think the same would likely be true for most people who've ever listened to the Sonic the Hedgehog score outside of the context of playing the game.

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